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BellSprout Lamp LED Kit 001 by SavageLau - MakerWorld

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May 27, 2024, 2:42 p.m.
If you want a commercial license, check out my bio and get it from Patreon.Personal use only. This model is design for MakerWorld light contest (2/5). Complete free version is only available on here Makerworld. Many people have contacted me said they willing to pay for the model. Other platform product manager reach and out said I could use their platform and selling this design for some money, but I have decided to keep it here for free for now. So there will be more people could enjoying it :) So show me your finshed print, I would like to see it. Anywhere else you see this model upload is Unauthorized (please notify me and report them), beside my own account (SavageLau).  If you would like purchase LED light needed for this design and filament from Bambu Lab Offical website: Affiliate link is below, so I can get some commission to support my future work. Filaments that I use for this project: (Bambu Lab Offical website:)    You may also like this design:PeaShooter Lamp Kit 001.    My boss saw some Bellsprout light the other day and she want me to design one. I have one LED Lamp kit come with my a1mini and sitting for a while. So why not turning it into what she want. So the design started adpot the lamp kit into Bellsprout.I found this pic on Google, based on the posture and proportion started deisng. Update: 2/2/2024. A new profile was made for a1mini. Increased infill/walls on base and body part. Model main body have been reduced in size inorder to meet the build plate size for a1mini with muti-color prints.  @Sascha2202 feedback it is a bit hard to keep banlance. Weight increased on printing profile by adding more infill and walls. Weight for that part from 160g to 202g, lowered center of gravity. Consider head is around 40g + led weight, it should do well now. 2/1/2024. Joints redesigned. Improved joints firction load, strength, tolerancing. New turning angle sets around 13.5 degrees max for each joints. “Head” part fit and finish improving. Revisions and Tests today: Before you print(Important!):Run the joint test print first with the filament you are going to use for joints and body, before you doing the full print! This is important. Depend on filaments you use for the joint parts, there will be sinkage rate difference, and firction load on joint will be different. I put very tight tolerancing on design, but it may not work as intended when you printing with your filaments, so run the test and confirm joints is very tight to each other. Other wise You will not get the desired result.  Joints with other parts are standard size. There is one “Tight” profile for joints. There are two types of joint, regular and with wire clip one. You will need to print total of 12 or above (maybe less than 15) to get good proportion.  Joints designed best work with 4 wall layers, and 10% to 20% infill, adding more infill will not improve the strength, will only leading part failure during assembly.  Hard ware:This design require Lamp LED Kit 001 from Bambu Lab. All other parts are printable.  Post work:Removing brims from all parts, when you remove brim from joints part, confirm it is fully removed. Assembly:Refer these gif image. Joints is a bit hard to push in, refer how I do it, holding the bottom part with you fingure, it will reduce the change of failure.  Joints:Fully assembly:   Design:Lamp kit is 60mm dia, 8mm thickness. based on that dims and make rough draft to evaluate the overall size. Working on some parts, and integrate them in the end. I started with wanting ball joint on the head, so it will able to turn angles. End up why not to have more ball joints on the body. Ball joints is pain in the axx to work with. I want it to have a lot of friction load in normal condition. so the outter shell shall have very small tolerance to the ball or even smaller. Ended spending a lot of time try in truth to testing out different tolerances and make design revisions.Still not perfect, but it work for this application. You gain a lot of DOF, but it is a bit brittle, depends on your materials.Revisions and tests: